When it comes to looking after your home and garden, while ensuring that everything is kept in great condition, there is only so much that you should do by yourself. We appreciate that people take a great sense of pride in looking after their homes and carrying out jobs by themselves but when it comes to working with electricity, it is best to leave it to the experts. At AD Electrical, we have been operating since 2005 and we are delighted to say that our team is fully experienced and is more than capable of taking care of all of your electrical work in the home and garden. If you want reliable and swift assistance, get in touch and we will be more than happy to help you out.

We offer peace of mind and experience

One of the most important reasons people have for calling on an electrician is for peace of mind. The danger and risk involved with working with electricity can be high, so these are jobs best left to the experts. The risk increases where there is water, and we are pleased to say we provide a range of electrical services for bathrooms, kitchens and even your garden. If you are keen to call on the most experienced electrician Bishop Stortford has to offer, get in touch with AD Electrical and we will help you out.

We offer great value for money

We know that value for money is a major issue for our clients and this is something that we are proud to offer. We also aim to provide you with opportunities to save more money. Our team is fully trained with energy efficient electrical solutions and if you are looking for ways in which you can save money on your energy bills, we are here to help. Our energy efficient solutions will pay for themselves before too long, allowing you to easily justify the expenditure and reaping long term benefits. If you want to positively impact on your finances, get in touch and we will provide you with a range of solutions.

We offer a high standard of customer service

While we believe that the quality and consistency of our work is paramount, we know that people are looking for more when they hire professionals. This is why when you work with AD Electrical, you not only get a team of highly skilled and qualified professionals, you also receive professionals that offer a high standard of customer care. We care about arriving on time, we care about providing you with information and we aim to ensure that your property is treated with the greatest respect. When it comes to being confident that your home is in safe hands, we are the company to call on.

At AD Electrical, we provide the following services:

  • House electrics
  • Kitchen and bathroom electrics
  • Electrics relating to extensions
  • Energy efficient solutions
  • Garden electrics
  • Heating system solutions

When it comes to ensuring your home is properly cared for, call on the electrical experts at AD Electrical.